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Session FAQs



Where does the session take place?

We come to you so in the comfort of your own home. We have a full proffessional studio that we can set up in your home. The equipment all folds flat and only requires a floor space of approximately 5ft by 5ft.


When should we book in?

As a general rule the sooner the better. This ensures you are more likely to get your preffered date. We try our best to accomodate everyone but occassionally its just not possible if you wait too long to request a session.


Is there anything i can do to help?

Yes there are a few things that we have found can help

- Have the room nice and warm so babies are comfortable when naked 

- Give the baby a relaxing bath just before we arrive 

- If possible feed baby either just before we arrive or once we do and are setting up.

- If you have have any special outfits or props you would like on some of the pictures have them ready and let us know on arrival. 


What editing do you provide?

I am fully proficient at editing so can fullfill most requests. Removing scratches and obvious things is done as standard however if you want birthmarks, strawberry marks removing or making less obvious just let us know. 


How long does a asession last?

Typically between 2-3 hrs when everything goes normally. This includes pausing for nappy changing ect. We also understand babies & children have their own agenda so we always leave a gap between sessions to allow for us going over the time. If we feel we need to go above the 3hrs it is at our discresion. If for any reason it is going to take considerably longer we will charge at £50 per hour but this will be discussed with you first!


How much extra is it for siblings ect to be included?

Nothing at all, in fact we encourage mums, dads, brothers and sisters to join in. Your paying for our time so within reason we try and include most requests.


what should parents and siblings wear?

Ideally plain neautral colours that will blend in with natural colours the baby will be in. For family sessions again matching neutral tones works best. Try to avoid bold colours that can clash and big logos or writing on clothing.

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